Проект и главна цел: Подкрепа чрез оборотен капитал за МСП, засегнати от временните противоепидемични мерки

Бенефициент (предприятие получаващо подкрепа): ”Дълбокови 2008” ЕООД

Общата стойност на заявлението за подкрепа: 33 198.10лв.

Начало: 22.01.2021г.
Край: 22.04.2021г.



"Inn Dalboka" is located on the main road Rousse - Silistra, 7km east of Tutrakan. The Inn is located in a picturesque valley dating back to the middle of XIX century, known as "Antimovsko hanche", and also as a campsite. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and tranquil atmosphere of the area. Camp allows for relaxation and fun for children during all of the year. The pleasant atmosphere, comfort and friendly service will contribute to one greatly spent holiday, away from the dynamic life.

For the fishing enthusiasts, near the inn, there is the Antimovo dam.

More photos of Antimovo's dam

Хан Дълбока - Орнамент

About the area "Antimovskoto Hanche"

In the middle of the XIX century was built an inn that served and accommodated transit passengers.
At the end of XIX century was created a fountain with spring water, which in 1962 year is renewed and maintained to this day. Through this area have passed two of the detachments of Bulgarian liberators movement:

  • Detachment of Khitov-bearer Vasil Levski - 1867god;
  • Detachment Tanio Voivoda - 1876god.
Every year on May 30, it's organized a crusade - reconstruction "In the Footsteps of the detachment of Tanio Voivoda".